A Personalized Approach for Optimal Preparation

Test Preparation at SpiderSmart is the most precise approach you'll find anywhere. Unlike most test preparation companies, our teachers do not operate from a script or follow the same set of steps when preparing each student. We know each test taker is different and deserves a concrete, individualized plan to ensure the score he/she desires.

We will evaluate your performance on a weekly basis and assign in-depth practice and timed sections accordingly. All associated homework, including full-length, proctored practice tests, is included.

We offer individualized courses to prepare you for any test

  • SAT I & II/ACT
  • Magnet High School and/or Middle School Entrance Exams
  • and more

Our unique approach instantly helps students to...

  • Pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses
  • View the test in clearly defined, manageable parts
  • Learn strategies to attack problem areas
  • Gain confidence in their test-taking ability
  • Maximize their given time during tests
  • Practice and prepare effectively

Are you ready for the highest score possible?

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