What Makes Us Unique

Nowhere else will students get the kind of individual attention from teachers as they do at SpiderSmart. Our trained instructors work one-on-one with students to turn their weaknesses into strengths. By fostering mentor relationships with each of their students, not only do teachers help them learn, but they also make education enjoyable. Perhaps more importantly, nothing can compare to the lifelong benefits children gain from reading books, thinking critically, and learning to write effectively. This is the SpiderSmart Way, proven successful since 1989.

Our Process

We have developed and refined our process over almost three decades to promote real improvement and long-term retention. This is how it works:

Step One: Read

Whether your child likes fantasy books, grand adventures, historical fiction, or biographies, SpiderSmart has plenty of choices. There are more than 3,000 titles to choose from, divided by grade level. Students may pick the books they are most interested in reading, or teachers may guide the selections.

Step Two: Write

Every book has a corresponding, easy-to-use writing assignment with three sections: vocabulary building, reading comprehension questions, and an essay based on the book's themes. Your child will develop a command of planning, organization, and critical thinking skills by learning to repeatedly compose compelling essays.

Step Three: Revise

A teacher will check your child's work and give comments about every answer. Rules of grammar, usage, style, and the quality of the content will be explained according to your child's needs. Based on what the teacher identifies as problem areas, your child will learn by correcting his or her own mistakes. The teacher will then review the revision to ensure that the writing shows improvement.

Preparing for the Future

The College Board has redesigned the SAT for 2016 in order to better encompass concepts and skills that are essential for student success in post-secondary education. Our approach is built around teaching and reinforcing every one of these same concepts and skills, providing the most powerful preparation possible for the SAT and for life!

Find out how our approach drives SAT success!

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