Reading & Writing Structured for Our Busier Students

Even with a tight schedule, Reading & Writing should never be neglected. Our Current Events Workshop allows busy students to read short yet enriching newspaper and magazine articles. Students will build their vocabulary, answer discussion questions, write essays, and receive the same personalized feedback SpiderSmart always offers.

Three Steps to Success

We use the same time-tested process we use for our reading and writing program, but with articles instead of books. This is how it works:

Step One: Read

Students learn about the world and current issues by reading a variety of interesting articles. Topics range from international news to the latest sports headlines, to scientific developments and historical discoveries.

Step Two: Write

Students learn and use vocabulary words from the articles, respond to Discussion Points, and write an essay based on the article's content.

Step Three: Revise

After a teacher responds in detail to the student's writing, the student will revise the essay. Revising is an important part of the writing process involving correcting grammar errors, adjusting organization, and developing paragraphs by adding descriptive details and supporting examples.

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