From Phonics to Reading & Writing

Starting in our pre-reading course, children will first learn how to recognize and sound out letters, eventually combining letters into words. Pre-reading transitions seamlessly into early reading, and eventually into our Reading & Writing program. As soon as they are ready, even young learners will read one book every week.


Pre-reading classes are designed for children who have little to no previous instruction

  • Learn how to write, recognize, say, and sound out the letters of the alphabet.
  • Make crafts to reinforce letter concepts and practice skills like following directions.
  • Listen to and answer questions about a story.

Early Reading

Early reading classes are designed for children who know their letters and sounds and are ready to learn to read.

  • Review letters and sounds to distinguish placement of sounds within words.
  • Learn short and long vowel sounds.
  • Practice sounding out words and recognizing word patterns.
  • Read short sentences and stories to reinforce vowel sounds and word patterns.

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