Reading & Writing and the SAT Connection

In redesigning the SAT, the College Board considered the following prerequisites, all of which are essential for student success in post-secondary education:

  • read, analyze, and use reasoning to comprehend challenging literary and informational texts, including publications in science and history/social studies, to demonstrate and expand knowledge and understanding;
  • revise and edit extended texts across a range of academic and career-related subjects, with a goal of improving expression of ideas and showcasing facility in a core set of grammar usage and punctuation conventions;
  • make careful and measured use of evidence when reading and writing;
  • demonstrate skill in analyzing data—including data represented graphically in tables, graphs, and charts—in reading, writing, and math contexts
  • reveal an understanding of relevant words in context and how word choice helps shape meaning and tone.

Our Reading & Writing Program takes an intensive approach to learning not one, but all of these skills.

Our vocabulary work helps students expand their scope of literacy; our reading comprehension questions encourage concise yet detailed responses; and, of course, our essay questions require critical reading of every written work, be it an article or a book.

Our library has all genres imaginable, including biographies and diverse readings in science, art, history, and culture.

Our approach will give students the most powerful preparation possible, and encompass every fundamental skill necessary to tackle the new SAT!

Students will read, analyze, reason, persuade, revise, and edit as they explore the diverse body of thought-probing questions for which SpiderSmart is known.

And—as always—they will have fun doing it.

The SAT 100

The College Board has created a "hot list" of one hundred (recommended) high-level books for high school students. We provide one-of-a-kind writing assignments for each one.

Are you ready to fall in love with words?

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