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Building Blocks for All Learning

At SpiderSmart, we believe strong reading and writing skills are foundational to all learning.


How it works

We have refined our reading and writing process over three decades to promote real improvement and long-term retention.



Students pick engaging books from 4,000+ titles across diverse genres.



Students practice vocabulary, hone reading comprehension, and develop critical thinking by composing compelling essays responding to the book.



With personalized teacher feedback, students learn by correcting their own mistakes. 


Engaged learning

At SpiderSmart, reading and writing go hand in hand. Writing helps students become better readers and reading helps them become better writers.

Our three steps of reading, writing, and revising make learning an active process.

When students read, they think about what they’ve read. Then they write about what they’ve thought about. Finally, they revise their writing based on the teacher’s thorough feedback.

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