Learn the Fundamentals of Public Speaking and Debate

Through collaboration and discussion, students practice speaking and reflect on what makes a good speaker. Practicing good public speaking and debate encourages students to express their ideas clearly and logically.

Students also learn about using PowerPoint and props to support their presentations. Public speaking is no easy task, but the best way to hone competence is through practice and constructive feedback!

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Presentation Styles

  • Informal
  • Persuasive
  • Motivational
  • Instructional
  • Impromptu


Debate Structure

  • Proposition opening speech
  • Opposition opening speech
  • Proposition supporting speech
  • Opposition supporting speech
  • Proposition rebuttal

Our Process


Public Speaking

Students give speeches and presentations with various prompts. Using TED talks as models, students improve their body language, eye contact, and vocal projection. They also focus on crafting logical, convincing arguments.



Students learn the structure of debate and practice in teams. Students develop arguments with strong supporting facts for or against the given topic. They also practice with time constraints and give rebuttals.

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