Vocabulary, Grammar, and Essay-Writing Programs supplement and complement our regular programs. We highly recommend these programs for high school and ESL students, as well as for students of any age seeking to expand their English skills.


A versatile vocabulary is crucial to any student's academic success. This program is especially perfect for ESL and pre-SAT students who need to boost their lexicons. Teachers closely examine, grade, and discuss students’ work to ensure complete understanding of each new term.

Students learn vocabulary by:

  • Repeating each word with correct pronunciation and intonation
  • Integrating vocabulary words in sentences to solidify proper usage
  • Answering questions in response to a vocabulary-infused narrative
  • Deducing word meaning from given context to build inference and test-taking skills
  • Learning synonyms, antonyms, and connotations for each word to heighten understanding
  • Taking a cumulative quiz or exam to memorize each group of words


Our grammar program breaks down the overwhelming framework of English grammar into easy-to-learn concepts. Each lesson consists of instruction and carefully chosen grammar exercises. Our advanced course is a great refresher for any SAT student, and our beginning or intermediate courses are ideal for students practicing English at any level.

Some commonly covered topics:

  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Punctuation
  • Verb tense
  • Prepositions
  • Pronouns
  • Parts of speech
  • Usage
  • Syntax
  • Sentence diagramming

Essay Writing

This class is designed for busy high schoolers who don’t have enough time for the reading component of our Reading & Writing program.

Teachers will help students brainstorm, plan, write, and revise a variety of essay-writing assignments, including responses to:

  • SAT-style prompt-based questions
  • Short reading passages on myriad topics
  • Literary analysis of classic short stories and poetry
  • Current issues and events
  • Persuasive, opinion-based pieces
  • Creative nonfiction essays, memoirs, and more

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