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A Unique Opportunity

If you have a passion for education, desire a flexible work schedule, and are looking for a rewarding life experience, then take some time to explore the countless benefits of joining our SpiderSmart family.

Owning your own SpiderSmart Learning Center is truly a unique opportunity. Not only will you experience the financial success of operating your own business, but you'll also reap the rich rewards of improving the educational community around you!

Our program is one of a kind: unique pedagogy and creative curricula set SpiderSmart apart from all other learning centers. Our approach is individualized in every sense. As one of our parents put it, "It's just different here."

Stand bright against our nation's learning landscape by enriching the academic world around you.

What We Believe

For more than 20 years, our core belief has been that reading and writing form the holistic foundation that leads to success. Reading is the basis of all learning. Writing is the skill of expressing opinions, providing critical analysis, and interpreting information. Reading and writing are interdependent, and should not be taught separately. In turn, students understand what they have read better through writing and feedback. Students learn to write better by reading. There is no question that connecting reading and writing makes learning more meaningful.

The journey to success starts with books. SpiderSmart motivates students to treat reading as an adventure. With SpiderSmart, students learn to express, analyze and interpret what they've read in writing. Our teachers recognize the individual needs of our students, and thoroughly understand that each child faces different challenges and possesses different skills. As a result, our teachers are ready to provide the personalized support necessary to help students reach their highest level of academic excellence.

Ready for Success

Supporting your venture is our priority. A licensee receives full training on the use of our curriculum and software. In addition, if the licensee wishes, we assist on the basics of center management including hiring teachers and scheduling students.

The best of two worlds is combined with contemporary technology and effective one-on-one instruction. Our interactive software and website form the core of each center, allowing students to write and revise within the center as well as at home. Organizing all the necessary educational resources is simple with our state-of-the-art programs. Managers and teachers teach with ease, and students enjoy completing assignments in an engaging manner.

Furthermore, new centers are equipped with all the assignments you'll ever need to offer our outstanding Reading & Writing, Math, and SAT programs. Let us research the educational and literary trends. SpiderSmart is devoted to constantly developing new material to match the interests of our nation's youth and schools. You can instead focus on what matters most: your students, your families, and your business operations.

A Shared Experience

Your success will surely transcend your highest expectations. There is nothing more inspiring than the prospect of encouraging and ensuring achievement for a diverse body of students.

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