Changing Seasons

by Sophie Yu, age 9 Best Poetry Ages 9 and Under

Winter has left us behind
As the temperature rises.
Spring arrives and amazing things happen
Outside my window.

Newly hatched baby birds chirp
From the shade of the green foliage.
Emerald fields of grass sway to the tune of the breeze,
Dancing to the beat of the singing poultry.

Refreshing drops of rain sprinkle from the
Overcast lavender sky,
Dripping onto the shiny green leaves,
Landing softly into an imaginary puddle of drowsy blue.

Exquisite colorful butterflies emerge from their cocoons.
Cheerful flowers are planted in gardens and yards.
Sunlight glitters through the green willow trees,
Escaping into the fresh smell of nature.

Lovely white bunnies leap into the morning mist.
Chipmunks collect scattered acorns from under the shady trees.
Striped yellow bumblebees buzz around the garden,
Collecting sweet nectar from the beautiful blossoms.

Before long, spring fades away and
Summer awakens.
Scorching sun rays warm your face and shoulders
Turning them pink.

Golden sandy beaches
Let all the seaside visitors relax.
Fruity popsicles drip down my chin and hand
Oozing down my striped summer T shirt.

Powerful waves crash into the rocky shore.
Elegant white seagulls glide through the brilliant blue sky.
Temporary castles are constructed
All along the water’s edge.

Children step into the blazing hot sand,
Building and laughing and running and singing.
Shovels and buckets are left lying on the sandy coastline.
Everyone enjoys the beautiful sunset.

Pretty soon, the seasons will change again.
What will Mother Nature bring us next?

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