School is Always School

by Jhanvi Panel, age 15 Best Poetry Ages 14 and Up

Again the ring and the steps and the class
Again I hear, again I feel, and again I see
Again the books and the door and the teachers
Again the ring and the chair and the students

Again the blue sky, the shiny sun, and the pretty smile
Like the day before yes I recognize
Dark gray suit, no not gray smile
Eyes full of joy
Hearts devoid of any lie

Another day began
The same old things start
O, I don’t want to be the same
Like the rainbow bluish-red smile

Tomorrow is another day
I want to be another girl
I can be a better one
I can rise, I can shine
No reason to be shy
No excuse for any smile

I don’t want to be like the school
Cause a school is always a school

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