Jumping from a Mountain

by Andrew Shen, age 8 Best Fiction Ages 9 & Under

Can people jump from a mountain without parachutes? They sure can. One time, two houses were on extremely high mountain. There were five people living in each house. The people in the houses were very poor. Others had once been camping below their mountain. One family camped on one side and the other family camped way on the other side. They made two incredibly big campfires. Unfortunately, they forgot to put it out and they all left in the afternoon. In fact it was not until the afternoon of the next day, when the fire was swelling up to the top of the mountain. They screamed down in the valley, hoping that someone would help them. Sure enough, the firefighters came and put out the fire. But the fire completely burned off the grass and the dirt, leaving only a rectangular shaped mountain, which they could not get down from.

Just then, the king of that country sent a letter. It read:

Dear Everyone,

My birthday is on September 9th at noon. For the poor, I would give a grand purse full of 10,000 bucks. Then we will all have goodie bags and have an enormous feast all together. So, if I would were you, I'd come and join the fun!

King Benjamin

The two families really needed that money. But no one could figure out a way to get down. Someone suggested to dig a hole. But that would take way too long and they only had a day left! Overnight they tought about how to get down that wasn't too dangerous or too long. They could not. So at 3:00, the adults woke up and decided to dig a hole. At 9:00, a little boy woke up. He saw dirt flying. He came to place where the dirt was flying from, dodging the dirt.

Hey, dad. What are you doing? I thought that you said digging a hole was way too long.

But it's the only way we can do. Besides we already dug 20 ft. OW! the father told the boy.

What's the matter? the boy cried.

Just bonked my head on this rock. the dad replied.

Can I help? asked the boy.

This is no job for you. the dad answered.

Pleassssssse? the boy begged.

Why don't you read your library book? his dad insisted.

Oh yeah. I forgot about my library book.

He thundered into the house and found his library book. The title was Knife Blade Meteorite Man where Knife Blade Meteorite Man sends meteorites which were as sharp as a knife. They cut each side of a mountain. Campers were on that mountain and Kinfe Blade Meteorite Man forced them to get down in three hours...

At the end of that book, he got an idea.

Hey dad. I think I got another idea. You may laugh, but I'll explain. Let's jump from the mountain in a parachute position, where nine people are on the top, making a parachute. Those people hold on to one person on the bottom. I am pretty sure that it would work because the author said so. Do you think this is good? (DO NOT TAKE MY WORD FOR IT!)

Everyone thought it was great and agreed. Using the boy's method, they were able to get to the castle in time for the feast and the money. After the feast, someone bought an axe. He chopped down 200 trees and used nails to form a very tall ladder to go up. They used the ladder to go up and down, but if everyone needs to go, they use the boy's method. They dug a little bit more of the hole and the turned into a playing place for the boy. The boy had changed their lives.

People really can jump from a mountain.

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