by Edward Yang, age 12 Best Fiction Ages 10-13

GENOCIDE (Rahkeid)

Strangers have been robbing the village for years now. They just don't seem to stop flowing into the village. Like a huge river except, this river carries fear instead of joy. Pure water can heal one's soul and health however, this river plagued any animal near it with fear that cannot be described with words. A fear that makes your hair stand still. A fear that makes your skin freeze and makes you lungs hurt when you breathe. One reason that it scares people so much is the fact that the people that come into the village kill without hesitation. They hurt anybody who agitates them. Shop owners have died just because the price of items were too high. The people of the village and castle called them The Black River. This was the first sign of the up coming war. Another sure sign of war was in the skies. Eagles, no doubt being spies swoop and poop from early in the morning till midnight and the last sign of the war were the snakes. Snakes swarmed the village by hundreds. Anywhere you went there was always a snake causing some type of mischief. Today the animals would call this village death village because of all the casualties... Day by day the skies grew darker. There was once when rain haunted the village for a whole year. The animals that inhabited the village started to starve. The sun started showing itself less. Symptoms of war continued for three years and by the third the animals wondered if they would ever see the sun again. The critters knew the war was closing in on them. The animals all knew about the infinite dispute between Leo and Salazar. Leo and Salazar where the two leaders that ruled the animal world. Leo, a courageous and warm-hearted warrior that fights for what he believes in regardless if it hurts him or not. Salazar on the other hand, mean and thoughtless. Never does anything except if he can see something in it for himself whether it's fame, power, or admiration. The fighting all started when Leo won over many hearts across the animal world because he saved the life of a woman that was constantly assaulted. Salazar grew jealous that Leo got so much attention so in retaliation he tried to poison his food. Luckily it wasn't Leo who ate it. Leo realized that his food has been poisoned and sent a message to the whole world explaining how Salazar poisoned his food and that trying to kill anyone is a criminal action. As a result, people started hating Salazar and Salazar grew as jealous as ever. One night he planned to kill Leo and mourn after his death to make him look like he really did care about the guy. A few men guarding his house caught Salazar. This event was the last straw for him. Soon after the news of an attempted assassination got out Salazar immediately went out and killed the armadillos who caught him. Salazar was angry and wanted to murder anyone that got in his path. He grew more powerful and soon everyone was so worried about getting killed they barely left their homes. The children cried and the adults kept a low profile. After the two guards there were 4 otters, 1 pig and 2 wolves killed. The two wolves being my parents... I was elsewhere running errands. Many frightened animals went to join forces with Salazar. Many critters that sought power and wanted to be allies with Salazar joined his army of rebels. However, at the same time Leo gathered those who wanted to protect the world from a corrupt force in order to maintain peace and stop the pandemonium. Many lost their lives to Salazar and many begged for mercy but never received it. Salazar wanted mass slaughter and wanted everyone that dared even stand before him die. He wanted genocide. Even though Salazar started taking over everything, there were always forces of goodness that knew Salazar has to be stopped. I became one of them. I serve as the right-hand man of Leo and good thing because he promised me that once Salazar was captured I was the one to kill him. I respected him and I believed that Salazar could be stopped one day...


It was a cold rainy day. I sat in my throne pondering about Leo and his right hand man, Rahkeid. I needed to find a way to get rid of Leo once and for all but the problem was his most respected warrior. He fights with the power of a dragon and is as tough as a Hydra. I needed a sneaky way to kill the guy but how? I called the burly Rhino standing by my throne. "Please Anderson call Snek. I need a word with him..." "Yes my lord." He replied and he rushed off in search of Snek. Snek was my most faithful servant and no matter how merciless I was towards the other servants; I couldn't afford to lose Snek. Snek came in to the room.

"Lord you called?" "I certainly did Snek," "And so what is so important you need me to visit you directly my Lord?" "I need you to spy on Leo... You must act as if you were his Allie and when the time comes you must kill his most respected servant." Snek raised an eyebrow in question. "Why do I kill his right hand man first?", asked Snek. "You see, Snek, once his most respected man is gone it will be easier to kill Leo", said Salazar. "And I take that meaning you want me to be the one to kill Leo and his right hand man?" "exactly Snek the time will come... Actually, I want to be the one who kills Leo. I need my vengeance." "As you wish", replied Snek. Snek bowed and slithered off. He needed to get close to Leo but how? Snek slithered down the hall and into his den. He curled his long tail and pondered his plan to kill Rahkeid. He needed to get close to them without suspecting anything. Then it hit him. He had to be servant for Leo and when the time is right kill Rahkeid. He said these words aloud to himself twice... He danced around and wondered how much Salazar might award him for his accomplishing this hard task.


I trudge through the dark swamp searching for shelter... I've become weak, very weak. I can barely hunt my own food anymore. There must have been over 100 crocodiles in those waters. Luckily I hadn't lost any of my limbs but my whole body aches in pain. I bare my teeth a tangle of branches scratch at my all ready beaten fur. A thick fog has settled on the swamp which doesn't help my navigation either. Even with the fog clouding my sight and mind, I swear I can see a cave system in the far distance. I push myself to move a little faster towards the cave.

I barely have energy to feed myself. I have to get there to survive. Nothing can survive out here, except for the strongest. Snakes could roam this area and even my cave. I am the strongest I thought. There was not 1 animal that can stand up to me. I make it to the cave and stepped inside. My legs couldn't hold my exhausted body for any longer and so I collapsed. When I awoke there was a creature next to me that I hadn't noticed before. Its body curled and hidden beneath a curtain of shadow. It was a snake... I couldn't tell if it was sleeping because snake's eyes were always open. I didn't know what type of snake it was but snakes meant danger and... food. The sun hadn't risen yet. I stalked towards the beast, eyes and ears alert for any act from the snake's part. I have circled it for a while now and the lazy thing was definitely asleep. I laid down beside the blob of brown curls. The snake, as if sensing danger slowly raised its triangular head. I lunged for it's neck like a bolt of lightning, I can't risk getting bitten out here. It would surely mean my doom. Luckily the snake had no time to react. My jaws clamped around his skull and crushed it into bits. I spat out the head... or at least what was a head before. I was horrified to see the writhing body of the snake spurting blood all over the cave. I backed away from the bleeding tube of patterns and soon the blood lessened and stopped. I was debating whether to eat the disgusting tube of flesh or not. I was very hungry... I decided to eat the body in the morning.

Daggers of light flooded the entry of the cave and heated up every sore part of my body. I wanted to lay down, basking in the sunlight forever but I couldn't. I had things to do. I stood up startled at the fact that my body had made a full recovery from the soreness. I ate the snakes body which was rubbery and hard to chew but none the less will give me energy for the day. I had my business with Salazar and needed to gather an army against him. I had a natural rivalry with him, I needed to settle a few things with him. He had betrayed me. Thrown me out to breathe and live in dust. Salazar use to be my servant. He learned how to kill from me... Too much. He learned even to attack packs of wolves and bears and thought best to get rid of me. With over 100 snakes, he finally overpowered me and sent me to survive in the wild forest. My best bet on defeating Salazar I decided was to go back to Alligator Ally, or Crocodile Creek to gather Crocs, Alligators and Hippos. Some of the strongest creatures on the planet. With the brightening thought of Salazar dead, I moved back across the wasteland. Already I could tell, this was the greatest war to ever happen. A war to end all wars.

The First Clash (Rahkeid and Snek)

for a few glorious days the adults and children came out to play in the village wondering if the war was just a big joke. Me and the king both knew the war hadn't even started yet. The village's happy mood and normality seems to have definitely returned but the king was quite upset. "Rahkeid. There has been a snake by the name of Snek that wants to be part of our kingdom. He states that he wants to serve as a loyal servant". I found this quite suspicious. A snake trying to be part of our kingdom? Don't most snakes belong to Salazar? "So what did you say to him?", I asked. "I said of course, you can start tomorrow", said Leo. "What! My lord, are you out of your mind! He's a snake!". "Sometimes we have to make allowances Rahkeid...". At this moment the snake that Leo hired came in. He was a golden copper colour and a cottonmouth. He glances at me as if pondering the taste of my blood. He looks back at Leo and sank into an unmistakable bow. Leo welcomes him warmly and tours him around the castle. It was late evening when Snek asked a quite important and nosy question, "will your guards be ready at all times? Even if there were an assault tonight... Could they handle it?" Leo, who wasn't suspicious of a word Snek muttered replied casually "Of course not" and went back to eating... My boss was a total bone head and it was obvious Snek was some sort of spy and wanted to plan an assault tonight. Maybe Leo couldn't see the harm in the question Snek just asked but I wasn't an idiot.

Snek left and returned to Salazar. "So?", asked Salazar with a wry grin. "This Leo is a total block head! His right hand man is something though. I understand why Leo is hopeless without him. We can launch an assault tonight my lord," "gather group Nocturnal and meet me on the military fields", said Salazar. "As you wish..." It was around 10 when group Nocturnal was gathered. The group contained purely of snakes and all that woke during the dark. They slithered quietly towards Leo's castle, waiting for Salazar's signal to attack.

I was sure Snek would come to the castle. He was going to attck. I waited 1 hour... Just as midnight was about to strike there was movement outside the village walls. I wasn't surprised. I let out a howl to alert all bears, that I had gathered for the mystery assault that a mysterious body was closing in on the village. What I saw next was miraculous and bone chilling. Around 500 snakes with bright yellow eyes glowing in the darkness, slithering at an alarmingly fast rate towards the village. I knew Salazar had a large stock of snakes but 500 just for a secret attack during the night? The snakes were right outside the village now. The bears pounced, tore and ripped at anything that was in range of their claws. One of the bears right down crushed a handful of the brutes when he landed. Another created a tornado of claws that teared the life out of anything that came near. In the back of the army of snakes I couldn't resist seeing the glow of a pair of red eyes. It was Salazar. Bad memories flooded my head and I couldn't think straight. I let out a long sorrow filled howl... The bears and snakes stopped to look and that's when I noticed a bear was down and blood was everywhere... These bears needed my help so they don't end off like my parents, dead. I went into the flood of bodies and ripped of the necks of each snake I met. Blood was everywhere but this was my first step to my revenge. I become as fast as lightning and dashed everywhere on the battle ground where it needed me. The fire inside me had come back and wouldn't give in until Salazar died. Salazar came out of the darkness and struck a bear. As if in slow motion he fell down... His eyes went blank. Salazar was a skilled murder but I could take him on. Salazar slithered like light around the bears and they all slowly fell to the ground. 1 snake taking out 80 bears? Impossible... I rushed him. He slithered under me with ease. Then he did something I would never forgive and that would feed my fire even more, he mocked my parents. "Don't worry Rahkeid your parents are in a better place now, heaven", mocked Salazar. I pounced right at Salazar's face. Maybe it was the fright that anyone could do something so stupid because he didn't move. I clamped my jaws around Salazar's tail and swung my head madly. The snake tried to talk me out of killing him but I didn't care. I bashed Salazar against the ground over and over suddenly I felt the rattle of a snake hit my head. I let go of Salazar's tail dazed by the blow to the head. When I looked back the pair of gleaming red eyes had disappeared. Which left me only with the blood and bodies of snakes and bears. The blow to the head was extremely painful. I rested my head on the ground. Tired, stressed and hurt I fainted.

I woke up. Leo was above of me. He had a mixed look of confusion and admiration. I started blurting out how Snek was a Spy and that he led the attack. He stopped my flow of explanations with a sweep of a paw. Even if your parents were killed by Snek's kind doesn't mean you have to hate him forever. This was too much. I walked out of the room and out of the castle. If Leo was going to be stupid, he would have to take the consequences. Later on the village celebrated our victory and mourned over the bears who fought an honourable death. The mayor came up and delivered a fantastic speech featuring me... But I felt emptier than ever. 80 bears had died because I directed them right to a helpless situation with Salazar and this was only the beginning.

Double Agent Spy (Salazar)

"You said they wouldn't be ready for an assault!" Fumed, Salazar. "I'm sorry my lord, you noticed that Leo wasn't ordering the army? It was his right hand man that saved his stupid neck! He was suspicious of me the moment I came into the room. "explained, Snek. "You're a double agent Spy, Snek! For once in your life do your job properly!" "Yes my lord, I'll be on my way then..." muttered Snek. I returned to my throne. If anyone knew Leo it was me. He was definitely hopeless without Rahkeid, that was proven yesterday night when I almost got my butt handed to me. If it wasn't for that rattle snake I would have died. My arsenal of soldiers was much larger than that of Leo's. If I had one great assault with all my troops I could easily overpower him. With lots of strong soldiers, a great leader and with my enemy as a block head our empire could over rule them easily... The only problem now standing against us was Rahkeid. He showed me what he was truly capable of last night. The difference that had taken place was outstanding. He used to be a cowardly brat and now he dared try to kill the king of all snakes himself! I smirked to myself. Snek was on the job already, there was nothing to worry about. Leo had a hundred percent faith in Snek just like me.

Fang's progress (narrator)

Deep in the forest at alligator ally a swarm of alligators were gathering. The full moon was directly above the crowd and so was a mountain. A lone figure perched on top of the mountain daring to face the mouths of a thousand hungry gators. He jumped with powerful strides down the mountain to stare face to face with the crowd. "My name is Fang. I come in peace." The crowd broke off into chatter... Then one gator spoke up "And what might a lone wolf be doing in our territory?" Fang grinned and said, "What else my friends than Salazar?" The crowd broke off again... This process was repeated for a long time. Fang gave some reasons why he was there with punctuated chatter from the crowd. At last he said "My job is to kill Salazar and it seems that most of you have had pretty bad experiences with him too". Recently the forest was burned. It had left the alligators and crocodiles in a troubled state. If Salazar dies we are all happy. So what do you say about assassinating Salazar?" There was cheering and the snapping of jaws from the gators... The Crocs happily joined forces with Fang as well. Lastly he took up many hippos that were more than happy to serve in the greatest war there ever will be. The Strongest army the animal kingdom has ever seen was just constructed. With around 3000 creatures that have a bite force of getting hit by a car each. As they move as a unit for Salazar's castle, Snek is ready to kill Rahkeid. Leo is sleeping and Fang is walking proudly in front of some of the deadliest creatures of the planet... Salazar has no chance with his wimpy snakes.

Assassination (Snek)

Today is the day I finish off Rahkeid. Oh, how much I'll get praised for killing off Leo's only hope of winning the war. I slithered through the night and found the village in the morning. A stream of strangers in black cloaks were entering the shops in search of merchandise. I passed a pair of grand gates and found myself looking at the tall palace where I'd murder Rahkeid. Leo met me at the front steps and asked me how long I would be living in the palace. I thought in my head until You die... But instead I said "As long as you need my assistance". I was guided into a room by two camels. The room was filled with light and was very organized compared to the dungeons Salazar gave us. I looked out the window at the village covered with the black cloaked strangers. I imagined the village filled with fires and blood with bodies littered over the stone paths. Then in the middle of the village would be Leo hanging like a hopeless cat. Bounded by his own pride and stupidity, that was what Salazar strived for and I would help him accomplish it.

The assassination was planned to happen before sun down on the grounds. The plan was to chat with Leo but Rahkeid would obviously follow then I would make Leo walk back to the castle and kill Rahkeid. The plan was beautifully worked out in my head all I had to wait was for the dinner bell. I waited for hours and at last the bell rung and I slithered down to the grand hall... Pity the meal was so grand. I was on a terrible ordeal but on the bright side Rahkeid's last meal would be a good one. As the meal finished I asked for a private word with Leo. Rahkeid glared at my direction and slowly followed me outside with Leo. Leo told Rahkeid to go away and that our conversation was private but I insisted... I asked Leo who the strangers in the black cloaks were and he told me they were assassins. Then I asked if I could talk with Rahkeid. Leo agreed and went wearily back up to the castle. Everything is going exactly as planned.

Rahkeid glared at me and said "so what did you say to his majesty?" I was feeling honest so I told him about the cloaked strangers. "And why do you care?", he asked rather nosily. I started talking about safety measures and what would be best for the village... Suddenly I went into a dive. My teeth sank into Rahkeid's legs. He let out a howl of pain and set his eyes on me. It was like looking at a fire... "Bye Rahkeid..." I'm one of the most poisonous snakes in Salazar's arsenal. One bite and the enemy would suffer a slow painful death. Rahkeid was determined. With his injured leg he could still move alarmingly fast and struck me. Claws clamped around my throat. His teeth sank into my flesh and penetrated my scales. I spat "Get off me idiot!". The more my poison hurt him, the more his fangs sank into my neck. After around an hour Rahkeid was still standing, resisting my poison. It seems as if he fought of my poison... Impossible but then he let go In an instant I was gone. Back to my room. My neck was releasing spurts of crimson and Rahkeid's leg was a dark shade of green. That wolf was a demon if he could survive my bite. He turned hurt and emotion into power. The teeth marks in my throat were a proof of that. Next time I'll have to think twice about killing Leo's right hand man. He fights like Salazar's old master, Fang.

Salazar's Fate (Salazar)

It was late into the night when the prophet entered my room. She placed her crystal ball onto a table and introduced herself. She was a lizard and looked extremely old as if withering before my weary eyes. She asked for a payment. I gave her the money and she looked into the contents of her fog filled sphere. "There is something here...", she said. "Tell me now!" She looked at me and said as calm as if she was in a hot tub "calm yourself child". She looked back and said "Bad luck I'm afraid..." She shook her head sadly. "What is it!", I spat. "You will die before you can fight Leo". "Impossible!", I hissed. At that precise moment I knew that this prophet was full of crap. She kept blabbering on about how I would lose the war and be humiliated... I slithered down my chair, excused myself and called for a servant.

This would probably teach the lizard not to lie to me and later customers... If she had anymore. A komodo dragon came in. He was assigned the job of executioner. "Is there anything I could help you with", he asked with an edge of impatience in his voice. "Kill this lizard at once! She had lied to me!" The lizard was up and tried running away. A bolt of green, a flash of fangs, a spurt of blood. The lizard lay motionless on the floor. Neck ripped into a thousand bloody ribbons. I wasn't scared to kill those who opposed me. Anyone who dared stand in my way would end up like the lizard.

Over Thrown (Fang)

The huge castle came slowly into view. This was the moment my team of elite warriors overthrew Salazar. A dark silence covered the castle as if it were abandoned. As I drew closer to the castle I for one time truly realized the size of it. The tip was so high in the clouds it seemed to have touched the heavens. The Crocs and Alligators slipped happily into the moat after the tiring walk. The hippos hid behind the trees and stood at the front doors.

I howled a bone chilling hair raising howl. Leo's right hand man was also a wolf and Salazar would assume it was him. A number of snakes came slithering out through the front entrances of the castle. Rushing towards me on the bridge. Some snakes went down into the moat, to later surface again and pull down prey. Little did they know about the beastly creatures that would be with them. Soon the dark murky moat water turned a dark red. The alligators pulled the snakes that were on the bridge down into the now red water. More snakes came and soon I could see Salazar. All different types of reptiles had come out of the castle. The alligators and Crocs having finished their work came out and fought the other reptiles. I myself was engaged into the battle... Blood, sweat, bodies. Chaos was the only word to describe the scene. 100% chaos. Our enforcements won out the first assault. The snakes retreated into the trees. Suddenly a big muddy hippo stood in their way. The hippos stampeded this way and that, crushing all snakes laying close to the ground and the bodies of the dead. Salazar was in total panic... He rushed around trying to kill my warriors. He couldn't penetrate the scales of my alligators and crocs. He knew trying to take down the group of hippos would mean him getting steam rolled into a thin sheet of flesh and blood. He made a dash into the forest. I've predicted this move from him... He didn't care about anyone except for his own stinking skin. He would watch his servants suffer and soon die.

Soon his warriors and reinforcement have all died or fled. Salazar was cornered to his own throne. I walked up to him. "So... Salazar, long time no see" "What do you want from me? What have I done for you to assault my army like this? This is a war between me and Leo!", he said with surprising confidence. "I laughed a cold mirthless laugh. Later I was quite scared I was capable of such laughter. "Revenge is very sweet Salazar. My parents were slaughtered by your people! Why else would I take time out of my life to worry about a worthless thing like you?" That was the end of the conversation. I tied him to a long piece of ivory Salazar kept as a treasure. He was hung and I did the honor of killing him. We killed all snakes that took refuge in the castle. We killed them all and then decided to live in the castle. I sit in the throne now. As for Salazar... He's dead. My crown was made out of his skin and bones. Now all that was left to do was kill Leo. Of course Leo has never done anything against me but once I killed him who would refuse to serve me? Without the two powerful rulers I would become stronger than everyone and I could rule the world.

With the strongest assembly of animals in the world at my command Leo was sure to fall.

Assassination 2 (Snek)

Salazar died just yesterday. Leo and Rahkeid still have no idea but I saw the bodies of the snakes and Salazar hung on his own treasure. Why was I still trying to kill Leo or Rahkeid? Salazar is long gone and won't give me anything for accomplishing my tasks. I might even end up executed if I tried to kill one of them. Leo didn't believe the assassination attempt but If Rahkeid hadn't healed so fast he would have had proof that could change the whole situation.

Now it didn't matter who I killed first. The stronger the better and how hard could it be to kill Leo? As always Rahkeid was a problem. I planned for weeks and weeks. Stressing every cell in my body to think of a way to shake off the clever wolf... Then I got it. I went to find Rahkeid on a Saturday afternoon. The sky was blue and the sun was showing which meant Leo took full advantage of going to the village. I luckily found Rahkeid at a foot of stairs and asked him to look at a prisoner that had gone ill. No prisoner had gone sick before, Leo made sure they were all in celebrity condition. It was me who bit the poor guy to make him look green. Rahkeid kept his distance from me but went down into the basement, both he and I knew Leo took his prisoner's health as a serious deal if Rahkeid didn't tend to them he would definitely be fired. As we reached the basement I told him where the prisoner was and told him that the wound was a snake bite. Rahkeid first thought it was me who bit the prisoner but thought that it would be more reasonable for someone from outside the castle. Another reason for him not being suspicious was because he's been stalking my like owl to mice. I took him to the patient... Rahkeid looked him over and realized the symptoms at one. His leg was green and had turned moldy from bacteria. The captive had no energy to move or speak. It was exactly like the bite I gave him. He wheeled around with fierce eyes but it was too late. I locked him into the cell. He was stuck there with no help. "What is the point of this?", he yelled. "Your buddy Leo is extremely stupid and I'm goanna finish him off! Without you he's as helpless as toddler.", I replied savagely. There was a glint of triumph and malice in my eyes and I knew I had out smarted Leo's right hand man. He tried braking out of the cage but it was useless. By the time he was close to giving up I had reached Leo's room. The man was just getting ready to roam the village. He wearing his most splendid attire and was watching television while putting on his pants. I knocked the door with my tail... Any moment now. Leo opened the door "anybody there..." He never got to finish his sentence. I struck at lightning speed and took a bite out of his neck. Leo's blood tasted good but I had to resist. I needed Rahkeid to see the mess I had made. Leo's eyes rolled back into its socket. His arms that were carrying a controller went limp and the controller crashed onto the floor. I celebrated around the corpse of Leo. The glory that I felt of accomplishing something not even Snek can do. The door burst open again. I was frozen with fear for a second... How many soldiers might be at the door to capture me now? Am I going to be executed? There was 1 window I made a dash for it. Slithering around the luxurious furniture. Too late... I looked up into glaring eyes filled with the fire of determination and revenge. Rahkeid stood over me, claws millimetres away from my throat. His leg had stepped on my tail. How did Rahkeid escape the prison so easily? Those bars are made of reinforced steal and no animal could possibly break through. There was one explanation. Rahkeid was no animal, he's half demon.

"I thought you'd be here", Rahkeid said through bared teeth. "Please, Rahkeid.", I panted. "I'm sorry Snek but there's no way I could forgive you for such a crime." If only I hadn't been so ignorant... If only I wasn't so stupid. I might have had the chance to live. A blur of grey, a snapping sound, a blinding pain that removed all my senses. My soul drifted out of my body as if being evaporated. The world went dark. It was as simple as that... If only the war was just as simple.

King (Rahkeid)

I always knew he couldn't be trusted. He was with Salazar; why else would he be a cold hearted snake just like his master? Even if he was a double agent spy it doesn't matter anymore. Our lord has been slayed and the murder has been committed. How could I be so fool hardy as to believe a prisoner was sick? We made sure they were in perfect health. By the time I broke out of the prison Leo was already dead. Snek was bouncing around the corpse like an infant girl. Naturally I murdered him. Who was going to king now and lead the war against Salazar... As if to answer my question a camel walked into my room. He held out a scroll and said in a sandy voice, "Since you were the majesty's right hand man you are now the king".

I've never been so scared in my whole life but, I've also never felt such an urge to retaliate against the most powerful leader of all time. Wanting to retaliate was totally out of my personality. I use to be hit and bullied. I would cower before my enemies and admit defeat but this was different. I had lost something a lot more meaningful and important than a few drops of blood. I had something that could drive me on when I was scared out of my wits. My loving family... By the time I had heard of the attack, it was too late. House burned to the ground, yet the only proof of life was a pool of crimson red blood. That day lit a fire in my soul and that fire has made me do things that were totally out of my character ever since. I've always questioned the meaning of life and now I know. It was simple yet complicated. So simple I could sum it up in one word. Vengeance. If it wasn't for that pool of crimson red I wouldn't be where I am right now, Serving as warrior against Salazar. Salazar is probably the most feared creature of the animal world. Actually... Salazar is most definitely the most feared creature of the animal world. Even his own servants are frightened when addressed by the monster. The serpent had no mercy for anyone and when I say anyone I mean anyone. Not even his most faithful servants get second chances. Sometimes I do feel small and cower before Salazar. I can't help it. He's the fiercest creature that lives on the planet. As much as I do feel scared I also loath him. A personal loathing. Salazar had to come to my parents' house in person just to murder them both... and so when I'm feeling small and scared I feed the fire inside of me the hate and loathing I feel for Salazar. As I mentioned before I swore that one day I will kill Salazar. With my bare fangs if I have to. Until then the fire inside of me will flicker and guide me forever.

Now that I was the king it was more than ever my responsibility to kill Salazar.

I had to assemble an army that would perfectly defeat the slithering monsters of Salazar's. I had to gather the strongest animals on the planet to defeat Salazar. Hippos, Elephants, whales... I started right away... With the strongest animals on the planet I could definitely conquer their army. Suddenly like a bomb a hippo rushed into my room. He was sweating and panted "Salazar's dead. Fang killed him" The only thought I had was that the name Fang rang a bell. Somewhere deep inside the back of my head. I knew Fang from somewhere but... where?

Rebellion (Fang)

I knew that Leo had died. I was more than ever ready than ever to rip out his throat. Rahkeid had also been gathering troops for the war. The hippos had retreated to their mud holes and the crocs and alligators have gone back into their rivers. When I went back to gather the hippos it turned out they had abandoned me and went to join forces with Rahkeid. As the final clash to end this war drew near the skies darkened and the water blackened to a pearl black. The animals became restless and the birds in the skies circled the castle day and night as if a bad omen.

If only Salazar hadn't killed the prophet. I've never felt this way before. I was always superior to my enemies but this scenario made me feel different. Rahkeid was a demon of sorts. He could break out of a prison with his bare teeth. He could survive any situation that came his way. He knew the way to fight and weaken his opponents like a true wolf should. I knew how to do all these things but there was something I lacked. What was I here now to fight for? What did I gain from murdering Rahkeid? I bared no grudge against him. He was a nobody for me. He had something to fight for... For I was the one who murdered his parents. He would soon figure out that it was that way. Salazar was with me that night but he hadn't murdered anyone. He convinced me into murdering them for him... I guess he knew that his downfall would be thanks to me. No wonder he was so unwilling to hear bad luck from the prophet. What was I to do against Rahkeid if he figured out it was me who murdered his parents? I realized then that I had something to fight for.

I had to fight for my life. Rahkeid had to fight because he never had a life with his parents. Even if Rahkeid fought for something more meaningful I also had something to fight for. Which was undoubtedly better than nothing at all. I was ready for this final battle... I was ready to win.

The Final

It's was time to show our strength and protect our village and our selves. To protect our generation and our virtues. This was the final. After years of small clashes this was the final fight. The final fight with all the fire power each of the armies had. We had faith... We had something to fight for. Something that will fulfill our dreams. We shall fight until we cannot breathe and dominate until there is no more to conquer. We shall fight in the early morning and deep into the night. We won't sleep until the enemy has fallen.

The Ocean waves crashed everywhere. The grass danced wildly. Rain splattered the battle ground. Lightning struck a tree nearby. The wind howled. The two armies gathered on the battle grounds. Behind each army was a wolf, me and Fang. We stood silently in the rain for a few moments. Every creature was silent. The children watched with open eyes behind bushes and trees. As everyone else I had something to fight for. My parents. Lightning struck the field. It illuminated the faces of the warriors. Long beastly reptiles to humongous elephants. The smooth backs of whales and sharks. The tension broke and the two armies charged. There was no war as great. Elephants swung and knocked. Crocs bit any exposed legs. Whales slammed against sharks. The sharks gathered and hunted. Blood spattered the grounds. And water. Yet still Fang hadn't moved, nor had I. The fighting had resulted in screams and war cries but all I could hear was the shouting of my parents. I knew who Fang was now... Salazar never touched the fur of my parents. It was Fang who did the murder. My dad's brother... It was a stupid grudge that resulted in me being an orphan it was also a stupid grudge that started this war. I started walking. The fighting around happened as if in slow motion. The ripping blood and bodies. Hippos charged and crushed, taking out a group of Alligators. Fang stood still, eyes glowing like embers in the dark. I was immune to attack. No one saw me walk towards Fang. Fang suddenly stood up and strode towards me. An elephants charged at Fang but Fang knocked the beast into the ground with a movement of his jaw. The elephant cried out in agony, sounding just like my parent's shriek when they fell to the ground. The memory came back. The fire inside me started to burn faster. The animals froze and stared at the two leaders approaching each other. We both burst at the same time. A cloud of claws and snarls. We broke apart. I had gotten his leg in the fray but he had ripped some skin off my arm.

We circled each other like wrestlers in a ring. Like cowboys, ready to shoot at any moment. We both knew that only one could come out alive. Wolves were prideful hunters and would fight down to the death. Even if the enemy you were fighting happened to be you dad's friend. It didn't matter who he was in the past. He might have been warm hearted once but he's betrayed my dad and killed him along with my mother. The fire had come back, warming my snout to my toes. Guarding me from the pounding rain and providing all the power I needed to strike and kill. The rain stopped and the clouds opened up. I pounced and so did my enemy. We flew at each other, eyes locked, fang ready to impale flesh and claws ready to tear. The act was quick yet the jump felt like a few minutes. As we collided we I tore at his flesh with claws and teeth. Fang was to confused in my fury of claws to act. We landed on the ground. Parts of my fur were scratched but they were no match to the injuries on Fang. Deep scars where my claws had landed and his breasts bleeding from the contact of my fangs. We stood tails facing each other. Neither wanted to fall first. I was exhausted and my legs threatened to give out... Suddenly I heard a thump behind me. Fang had fallen.

The sun rose. All the animals cheered loudly. Even Fang's alliances! I was hoisted onto the shoulders of big animals and took me back to the castle. I had gotten my revenge and had avenged my father and mother. Now that I was king of all animals what was there to do? What would my parents have done?


The sun came back to the village and so did the joyful spirits that have once been there. Children skipped and sang. The castle now became a shelter for any animal of need. There was no longer a king but there were still rules and guards. The king had modestly given up his position and stated that power causes problems. After he died we put his crown on Rahkeid's grave. The village had never gone back to normal. The war of 3 kings had plagued it forever. Parents that had fought in the war told stories over and over again. 100 years later the story lost some of the finer details but there was enough to work with. Story tellers around the world gathered and created their first piece of work about the greatest war in history. The titled it Genocide. The moral behind that story was to do something with your meaningful life and to fight for what you believe in because that's what Rahkeid did. Let's end this story with a quote from Dianna Nyan. She said, "when you achieve your dreams It's not so much what you get, it's who you become"

The End

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