Embers: Book 1

by Angela Dong, age 9 Best Fan Fiction Ages 9 & Under

Chapter 1: Mystery Map

As Amber walked through the forest, trees whispered warnings "turn away now!" Amber ignored them as she walked on, trying to be as quiet as possible. As she walked, wind blew dry leaves, for it was autumn. Leaves crunched under her feet as she looked silently around, enchanted by the wonders of the forest. She was holding a map. Amber's mom had given it to her before the horrible day. Mrs. Sun had died in a car crash before Amber's 9th birthday. All she had left was that map and a locket. Bow Amber was 13, old enough to open this map. Her mother had warned her, not to open it up before her 13th birthday, and she didn't. Though, her curiosity sometimes overwhelmed her. The only thing she had wanted for her birthday was to open the mysterious map. Today was the day. Slowly, she opened the map as she walked through the forest. "Head to the Forgotten Temple and you will find what your mother has hidden all this time. Now, the burden of this power lies on you, Amber Sun." it read. She thought about this as she made her way to the temple. As she thought, a shimmer caught her eye. She looked up, but it was only dew drops on a leaf from the early morning shower. She walked for several minutes, and the, she saw it. A huge temple was only about a mile away! Even from afar, it seemed huge. With her last bust of energy, she ran to the temple, panting, she stopped realizing that the trees were right, there was danger. A big, scary TROLL was guarding, "No wonder those strange trees were so worried," Amber thought. Luckily, the troll was asleep. She tip toed around the huge, horrifying creature. Holding her locket, her heart pounded, for she knew, trolls eat humans.

Chapter 2: Flame the Dragon

When she had finally made it around the troll, she ran into the temple. Panting, she sat down with a hard THUMP. She suddenly stood up, hoping the troll did not wake up. Luckily, it didn't. Suddenly, she saw a beautiful red and orange gem, gleaming in the light. It looked like the gem could perfectly fit in her locket! She quickly grabbed it, and put it in her locket. It fit! Suddenly, her locket glowed. She felt a sudden burst of power. Her emerald eyes flashed, thunder roared, and she felt a burn in her hands. She looked at them. Fire rushed out. "I have power!" She shouted, surprised. Then, a voice comes, "Amber, You have the power of fire. You have to protect this rare power. Evil witches, trolls and monsters will try to get this power. They will try to kill you, and then consume you. That will give them the power to take over the world. You do not want that to happen, do you?" The voice said "No, Sir..." Amber answered, "Good, and you may call me Flame. I am the dragon of fire, and I will help you in your journey." Flame said. Then, he came out from the ledge he was sitting on, hidden and watching. "We must go! That troll you saw, was waiting catch you and eat you!!! He will be awake soon!" He yelled in a low whisper. They flew out of the temple, with Amber on Flame's fiery red, scaled back. The troll was already waiting for them. It ran off after them.

Chapter 3: Troll Attack!

As they flew, the troll yelled "ATTACK!!!" Suddenly, what seemed like THOUSANDS of trolls came out of nowhere! (Really, there were only 55. But, who's counting?) They threw stones, sticks, and other random stuff they happened to find just laying around, to knock them down. Flame tried to doge them as best as he could. Then, a sharp rock hit him hard on the wing! He tumbled in the air as Amber held on tight. "Woahhhhhh!!!!!!!" she screamed. Quite by chance, they spotted a cave in the distance. With a sharp shriek of pain, Flame charged into the cave. Even the huge trolls seemed the size of ant from there. They were safe, for now. With some leaves and a bit of peanut butter Amber made a nice bandage for Flame's wing. Then, she went to find some deer to cook and eat. Flame was VERY hungry, and so was she. It was time to eat anyway. But they can only rest for a while. The trolls would be coming to get them soon. They could already hear the shouting, "GET THEM! KILL THEM!!!" in the distance.

Chapter 4: Cooked Troll

When Amber got back, Flame was napping. The trolls were slow, so they had a little bit more time. She woke Flame up and they roasted meat together. It was a great meal! Next, they flew high into the sky and spied on the trolls. They were coming! They spit up. Flame flew high into the air, and Amber was left on a ledge neat the trolls. They blew fire at them, Flame spewing fire out above, and Amber throwing it from the front. They held them back together, fight with all their might. The trolls tried to fight back, but Amber and Flame just burned their weapons before they could get to them. It was an intense battle! Finally, one by one the trolls were turned to too roasted troll, and some, black ashes. The fight was over they had won the trolls is a fierce battle. The trolls rocks and sticks were no match for Flame and Amber's blazing hot fire. "Who wants cooked troll for dinner?" Flame joked. They both laughed. It was an exciting day, but they had to return home. Amber said bye to her friend, as they parted in different directions. But, they would see each other again soon, on their next adventure. But for now, they had to say bye. Even though they would be seeing each other again, it was a painful bye. Finally, they left. Flame left to his temple, and Amber to the safety of her father's arms.


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