Jess and Leslie: Friends Forever

by Victoria Zhang, age 9 Best Essay Ages 9 & Under

Friendship is very important in life because it is a bridge that connect friends through trust, happiness and bonding time. In the book Bridge to Terabithia written by Katherine Paterson, is a great example of friendship. Jess and Leslie (the main characters) are significant friends that never imagined they could be so close.

Jess and Leslie are very happy when they do many things with each other. The kingdom, Terabithia, they build together is where they make their friendship strong. They keep Terabithia as a top secret that nobody knows. They pretend they are king and queen of Terabithia. They build a clubhouse as their castle. Jess and Leslie imagine evil creatures that they fight together; such as the Dark Master, Giant Troll and other enemies. Terabithia is the place they have fun and build their friendship. They upgrade Leslie's house; paint the walls; go shopping and have fun together. They also go to church on Easter; which is Leslie's first time.

One day, Jess is not at home, and Leslie goes to Terabithia by herself. She hit her head and dies accidently. Jess is very sad at first, but he continues to visit Terabithia. Leslie is not in the outside world, but she always remains in Jess's heart. Leslie continues to bring encouragement to Jess throughout his hard times.

My friends, Heather and Tirzah, are similar to Jess and Leslie. Some boys in my school are really annoying, but no matter what, we stick together. If Heather gets into a disagreement with the most annoying one, I back her up. If I just stand by and pretend nothing is happening, I may let my friend down, and I will also be feeling pretty guilty. Right now Tirzah is not in America, however, I always remember her and the happy time we spent together.

A good friendship is like what happens in the book Bridge to Terabithia. We enjoy time together, we support each other. Even though, when we don't stay together, we still remember each other. As Helen Keller said, "True friends are never apart. Maybe in distance, but never at heart."

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