Parents, teachers, and students say...

High school students face unique educational challenges today. Longer, tougher reading passages in the new SAT. Renewed focus on communication and critical thinking skills in schools. Ten years in the secondary school classroom has taught me that academic success boils down to one word: practice. Regular reading from a variety of literature sharpens critical thinking skills. Writing to describe, analyze and evaluate this reading builds essential communication skills. Spidersmart's program focuses on these simple steps, practiced over and over, week by week. Educational challenges will keep coming, but with the guided practice offered by Spidersmart, students can build the skills to face these challenges with confidence. Janet VanderVeer, Fairfax County Teacher
My son started the SpiderSmart program in second grade. At that time, he was a reluctant reader. It was a struggle in the beginning. Gradually, through this program, he has become a book lover. He is now in fifth grade. He is an avid reader. He always has a book in his hand. Sometimes, it is hard to make him stop reading. Eric C.'s mom
I had so much trouble with writing assignments when I came here two years ago from Korea. Now, my American friends envy me because my writing assignments do not burden me. I now have confidence in my writing skills. Thank you, SpiderSmart! Regina C.
I was not failing school, nor was I receiving low grades, but my parents knew that my reading and writing skills could stand improvement. With the help of the teachers, I strengthened my skills in the basic grammar, organization, and composition of an essay. The continual practice of writing essays paid off when it was time for college applications. Youlim Y., Wellesley College
SpiderSmart Learning Center has consistently been about growth and meeting individualized needs. Throughout my years of teaching at SpiderSmart, I saw students master reading and writing skills in an environment that is supportive and task-oriented. Now, as a teacher in the Fairfax County school system, I am glad that my own son attends a program he looks forward to each week. Leonard Bumbaca, Teacher, Annandale High School
Ms. Jeannie is an amazing teacher. She is special to me because when I go to SpiderSmart, she helps me to learn. I know a lot more than what we are learning at school. If Ms. J is not there, I think I'd be failing all my classes. She means the whole world to me. If I would have anything to help me remember her, I would have a photo of her in front of SpiderSmart and I would wear a green shirt. I would love a photo of her in front of SpiderSmart because that's where she taught me. I would have a green shirt on because that is her favorite color. I love Ms. J and without her, I wouldn't know a lot. Before I thought I stunk at math and reading. Along the way, she helped me realize that I am smarter than I think I am. Naseeb C., 3rd grade
My English teachers at SpiderSmart not only helped me with my assignments, but they also inspired me to love learning inside and outside of the classroom. Thanks to their effective and interesting lessons, I realized the value of knowing how to read and write proficiently in everyday life. As a result, my English skills improved dramatically and I performed much better in school. When it was time for me to take major tests like the SAT and ACT, I found that SpiderSmart had given me such an extensive knowledge base of vocabulary and grammar that I barely needed to study for the SAT’s Reading and Writing section. The teachers there have also taught me to deal with a variety of issues including poor time management skills and discipline. Because the teachers held me accountable for my assignments and genuinely cared about my progress, I rapidly improved my focus and efficiency. It's been four years since I joined, and I continue to use the tools I've learned from SpiderSmart to this day. I strongly recommend its programs to anyone who wants to learn valuable skills-and have fun while they're at it. Nancy Wang, Senior at Clements High School