Our Teachers

Real teachers. Real support.

Our teachers are experts in all areas of their respective subjects, intensively trained in the SpiderSmart approach, and continually mentored to ensure that our students receive the high level of educational quality for which SpiderSmart is known.

Reading and Writing Teachers

Whether your child is a third grader who needs extra help or a high school senior who needs guidance crafting a college essay, our SpiderSmart teachers’ dedication to individual attention provides passionate, holistic educational support for any student, at any level.

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Mathematics Teachers

Math is music and science. Math is also worksheets and exams. From basic arithmetic to advanced calculus and beyond, we have a teacher to help your child excel and improve in today’s crucial field of mathematics.

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Test Preparation Teachers

Standardized tests can be as intimidating as they are important. Whether your child is taking the SAT, ISEE, GRE, or any other test impacting their future, our test preparation courses provide every student with a strategic approach to face the challenge with knowledge and confidence.

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Beginning & Early Reading Teachers

Is your child ready to build the foundation for a life of reading and learning? SpiderSmart teachers keep our youngest students fully engaged in our fun and exciting Early Reading program!

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