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Frequently Asked Questions

Why SpiderSmart? Where did the name come from?

Originally, our "web" portals inspired our company title. Since 1989, we've further solidified the meaning behind our name:

Spiders are very independent in their work—just like SpiderSmart students learn to be with our guidance. A web has many parts—it's such a complex creation! That is exactly how we feel about our SpiderSmart learning philosophies and practices. Our approaches to every learner—whom we believe to also be complex—are vast and varied. There's a precision to our session planning, and to our "building" of each and every one of our students.

Lastly, our foundational SpiderSmart ideals are connection, community, expansion, and strength. We believe in an intricate educational network to support students in any school district!

Is there any curricular difference between the Online and the Center programs?

There is no curricular difference between our Online and Center programs. The only difference is in the nature of the instruction: Online Program feedback is provided through email mentorship connecting students to our online teachers; Center Program courses take place in SpiderSmart classrooms and are taught in person by our teachers.

How do you determine the initial Reading & Writing level for my child?

We always begin with a thorough assessment to determine the appropriate level at which each student can enter the program most comfortably and beneficially. These levels are constantly reviewed and regulated to match each learner's specific strengths, weaknesses, and pace of progress.

What makes your program more effective than other enrichment programs?

Quality, method, and culture.

Our curricular approach is one of a kind. We have a vast amount of resources, including over 2,000 unique, in-depth writing assignments that explore each book in our extensive collection. Each of these rich assignments will help your child explore literature in a stimulating way.

We are committed to providing the perfect combination of personalized instruction and self-guided learning. After each lesson, we ensure your child has an opportunity to apply what he/she has learned by emphasizing independent work.

Every center has a warm, caring, and productive atmosphere. Our engaging teachers are passionate about learning, and enthusiastically knowledgeable about the subjects they teach. We demonstrate this passion during every session with our students.

When will I be able to see the results of your programs?

Every learner is different, and every academic path unique. Some students progress at a faster pace than others, and we are devoted to staying attuned to the distinct traits of that progress. Many students stay years with us, not only because of the improvements they have experienced, but also because of the relationships they have built with our teachers and the consistency of the one-to-one feedback.

What makes your test preparation program one I should entrust with my son or daughter's test performance?

Here at SpiderSmart, test preparation is always personalized, precise, and powerful. We differ from other test preparation companies in that we are committed to planning a distinct path for every test-taker and only spending time on strategies and skills unique to that specific student.  As such, we believe every student's score can be most improved with an authentic test practice curriculum created just for him or her. We guarantee results by promising that we will continually plan and diversify our students' preparation sessions to best complement their utterly distinct approaches to the test.

Do you offer any classes for college or adult students?

We offer myriad programs for our adult learners, including High-Level Editing, College-Level Subject Tutoring, TOEFL Preparation, Adult ESL, Writing for College Success, and Writing for Professionals.

I am ready to register my child for one of your programs. How can I do this as soon as possible?

Getting started is easy! Simply go to our website,, and click "Locations" under Learning Centers to find the center nearest you. Call or email the center director to schedule an assessment test or consultation.

If you are interested in our Online Program, select "Online Program" and choose "Sign Up Now" on the submenu. Next, complete the form to receive your first batch of books in the mail after we’ve determined your level.

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