SpiderSmart is Available in Your School!

Improve your classroom success with our proven method

SpiderSmart eLearning utilizes our proven educational approach to develop a diverse set of crucial skills and foster a love of learning that serves our students throughout their education and careers. Now you can offer the same program transparently through your school or institution!

What To Expect

  • Your English curriculum is immediately enhanced and expanded.
  • Students receive individualized, intensive feedback from our highly qualified teachers.
  • Any size group – large or small – may be accommodated.
  • We manage student accounts and records; there is no paperwork for you!

You Have Control

  • You have control over which books students read. You can choose to pre-select the books or allow students to choose their own.
  • Social Science and advanced standardized test units are available for higher level students.
  • Special study guides for specific books are available, allowing for additional immersion concerning books important to your curriculum.
  • Grading, with semester averages, is available upon request.

How eLearning Works

  • Students read books and complete the corresponding assignments comprised of vocabulary, comprehension questions, and an essay.
  • Teachers respond in writing to every part of the assignment.
  • Students revise essays based on the teachers' feedback.
  • Teachers make final comments on the revised essays.

Please contact us at eLearning@spidersmart.com for more information.